Triwest is Changing Type of Bill (TOB). —— July 2024

The Change: Affects ONLY Triwest / VA

Effective September 1, If your VA authorization is Skilled Unbundled, you will have to identify that on the Authorization section of the claim so that 342 or 343 will be sent as TOB.  This affects claims with a Billing From Date starting 09/01/2023.

32X – Skilled Bundled
34X – Skilled Unbundled

What to do:

Don’t Worry about sending the right TOB, just tell us the type of  VA Authorization you have then Send your claims exactly like you have been doing.

If Payment Source M0150 = 7 Other Gov, VA, Champ USA
If Payer Type = VA
If Claim Type = Institutional
Select Type of  VA Authorization