Project Description

West Africa Management Services (WAMS) manages scholarship funds and assists hundreds of students every year who are sponsored by various multinational companies to study abroad in the United States.

WAMS first asked us for a custom, modern, content managed website, followed by a custom software offering to be able to manage their intricate and constantly changing day to day dealings with regards to students, scholarships, registrations, grades, immigration issues, travel, insurance, housing, food stipends, sponsors, universities and other vendor interactions.

As a solution we developed not only a content managed website to allow them to make updates on their own, but we developed the WAMS Student Management System as a proprietary software offering to replace what had been a document management nightmare. WAMS can now manage all students from a single application, and easily coordinate different steps in the process through rules built into the system, with related reports as needed by the different internal and external stakeholders.

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