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Course Title
Week 01
Well Planning/Well Control Certification
Week 02
Managed Pressure Drilling
Week 03
Offshore and Directional Drilling
Week 04
Introduction to Petroleum Rock Mechanics
Formation Evaluation & Well Logging
Week 05
Reliability Engineering Application to Well Engineering Design
Week 06
Drilling Automation, Advanced Control Technology & Real-Time Decision Support Systems
Week 07
Drilling Process Optimization
Week 08
Pore Pressure, Fracture Gradient & Wellbore Stability
Week 09
Efficient Drilling Problem Detection and Performance Monitoring
using Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Week 10
Drilling Fluids and Wellbore Hydraulics
Week 11
Offshore Structures & Operations
Week 12
Field Trip
Well Engineering Design & Drilling Process Optimization Software Training
Design Project Presentations: Peer & Industry Expert Evaluation


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