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Customized Software Development

& detailed Corporate and Technical training for Professionals.

We are your software Solution.

Cradle Solution, Inc. is structured around two key pillars: developing customized application software and providing in-depth technical training, both meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of the Oil and Gas sector.

Our commitment to excellence was highlighted in 2013 when Inc. Magazine acknowledged us as the 573rd fastest-growing company in the United States. This recognition underscores our ethos: significant achievements are attainable through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated, tightly-knit team.

Cradle Solution's

CradleSolution offers a range of specialized software solutions designed for professional excellence. CradleMRx is a web-based system for home health professionals that integrates point-of-contact information management with stringent HIPAA-compliant security. Cradle Hive, on the other hand, transforms office space management with its interactive floor plan and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Our Practice Management System (PMS) also streamlines healthcare practices by enhancing billing, appointment scheduling, and patient record accuracy. Each solution is regularly updated, ensuring the latest advancements without extra cost, demonstrating CradleSolution’s dedication to improving professional workspaces.

I have attended a lot of courses. In all, this is the best so far. Your facilitators are excellent; your hospitality: awesome. You all make us feel special.

— Francis, NNPC


CradleSolution excels in providing top-tier consulting services for enterprise IT governance system implementation and training. Our consultancy approach is twofold: we offer specialized training for your staff, including intensive courses leading to certification, and we also provide expert, unbiased third-party consultation to define and implement IT governance systems tailored to your company’s unique needs.



CradleSolution specializes in the procurement of essential components for the oil and gas industry, including pipes, compressors, pumps, and gaskets. Our process emphasizes strict quality control, durability, and safety compliance, while balancing cost-effectiveness with high performance and reliability. We manage a complex network of suppliers, ensuring that each component meets specific industry requirements, and our approach involves thorough vendor vetting and strategic long-term contracts, reflecting our deep understanding of the industry’s dynamic global market.

Corporate Training

Training is a crucial component of our service, ensuring that the IT governance implementations continually add value. We assess your goals, IT operations, and staff capabilities to recommend appropriate courses or tracks, offering certifications in COBIT 5, ITIL, or ISO 38500 standards. Our courses go beyond basic content delivery; they include hands-on team evaluations of industry case studies and business simulations, ensuring participants gain practical experience and the skills necessary for immediate enterprise value addition.