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CradleSolution excels in providing top-tier consulting services for enterprise IT governance system implementation and training


Cradle Solution specializes in SAP consulting services, aiding organizations in effectively utilizing SAP, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Our comprehensive services include implementing SAP software, customizing it to meet unique business needs, and ensuring its integration with other enterprise systems. We also offer extensive training for employees, support for software upgrades, and continuous optimization of SAP solutions to enhance business efficiency and compliance. Additionally, Cradle Solution provides expertise in areas such as business process reengineering, cloud migration, and security, ensuring that SAP implementations are secure, compliant, and aligned with business objectives. Our team comprises specialized consultants in various SAP domains, from security and GRC to technical and functional areas, all dedicated to maximizing the benefits of SAP software for our clients.


Our Field Development Plan (FDP) service offers a strategic and comprehensive approach to optimizing oil and gas field operations, from resource extraction to production. It includes detailed analysis of subsurface characteristics to guide drilling and facility design, while integrating technical, economic, environmental, and safety considerations. Aimed at maximizing economic returns and minimizing environmental impacts, our service provides a complete roadmap for the project lifecycle, ensuring alignment with regulatory standards and business objectives.


IT Governance

CradleSolution offers specialized IT Governance consulting services, focusing on frameworks like ITIL, COBIT, and ISO20000/27001. We develop and implement IT governance frameworks, processes, procedures, and templates tailored to these standards. Our services include guiding change management for IT projects, supporting the implementation of IT policies, and conducting gap analysis for capacity building. Additionally, we offer change management strategy development and analysis. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive four-phase process: Current State Assessment, Future State Definition, Gap Analysis, and Implementation, all underpinned by Continuous Process Improvement. This expertise caters to clients in sectors like Oil & Gas, Financial, Consumer Services, and Quality Management.

Change Management

At CradleSolution, we specialize in Change Management Consulting, a vital service that guides organizations through significant transformations in goals, processes, or technologies. Our systematic and strategic approach focuses on effectively implementing and controlling change while ensuring a smooth transition for all stakeholders. We understand that adapting to change can be challenging; hence, our expert consultants work closely with your team to develop and execute tailored strategies that minimize disruption and maximize adaptability. Whether it’s a shift in organizational objectives, process optimization, or technological upgrades, CradleSolution is committed to facilitating a seamless and successful change journey, aligning your business for future success.