Interested in receiving tangible value from an IT Governance training, implementation or consultancy?
You are at the right place!

Whether you are looking at preparing your staff to implement an enterprise IT governance system through specialized intensive training and certification, or as is the case for many companies, you prefer to have an experienced, objective third party come in as an unbiased consultant to help define and implement the same, you have come to the right place.

Even though COBIT 5 is our preferred implementation framework that not only allows, but it actually requires customization to fit the specific requirements and distinct needs of every enterprise establishment. We understand how the main purpose of these IT Governance programs is to deliver value to the stakeholders based on numerous universal benefits which include lower costs, increased control and maximized efficiency and effectiveness in the overall enterprise operations. Having said that we can also assist with all aspects of an ITIL or ISO based IT Governance implementation.

And of course, the training aspect is key for the continued value add proposition from any enterprise IT governance implementation. Whether as an integral part of an enterprise IT governance implementation, or separate, we can help you meet your training and certification needs in this area as well.

Once we get an understanding of your goals and IT operations, existing resources and their capability, we can recommend individual courses and/or tracks for your staff. Depending on your chosen frameworks or standards, we can train them for either COBIT 5 (Foundation/Assessor/Implementation), ITIL, ISO 38500 standards certifications, or a combination thereof.

Many of our courses include not only the valuable content to become familiar and even certified in a subject, but takes it beyond that level to assure the participant has the knowledge and practical experience to bring value to the enterprise from the get go. Our courses not only include higher level experience training imparted through hands-on team based evaluation of industry case studies, but actually walking through sample scenarios and actual business simulations, which ultimately empower the participants with realized knowledge application and learning of the skills required in the enterprise.

To give you an idea of key elements to take into account to assure a properly implemented IT governance system that is embraced by your organization:

  • The overall IT Governance roadmap must be mapped and agreed upon by the key stakeholders
  • Key policies, and SOP must be identified, documented
  • Get Board approval
  • Define periodic review timeline and audit schedule
  • Identify, document and approve enterprise risk policies
  • Get Board Approval
  • Define periodic review timeline and audit schedule
  • Identify, document and approve Operational Control Systems
  • Get Board Approval
  • Define periodic review timeline and audit schedule
  • Implement Compliance and Audit strategies
  • Define effectiveness measures, controls, timelines and allocate resources
  • Document operational procedures for company personnel to follow
  • Assure all different corporate groups, divisions and assets are covered
  • Define periodic review timeline and audit schedule
  • Create multi-disciplinary, cross-asset governance steering committees
  • Establish IT Governance team with sole responsibility to maintain, defend and evolve IT governance program
  • Define key personnel (Steering Committee Members, IT Governance Officers and Staff, Key Stakeholders) that requires training in ITGovernance
  • Establish Training Roadmap, concurrent with IT Governance implementation, to prepare necessary staff members to learn about the fundamentals of IT Governance frameworks and standards (i.e. COBIT 5, ITIL), benefits, assessment and implementation strategies
  • Evaluate and include required number of personnel who become certified over time on  IT Governance frameworks and standards (i.e. COBIT 5, ITIL