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Houston, TX

Start Date:  

Jul-01, 2024

End Date:  

Jul-05, 2024



Engineering, Procurement & Construction of  Brownfield Projects are becoming increasingly important due to

(1) an increasing number of assets is in a mature state and reaching its end of designated design lifetime,
(2) with a significant amount of production coming from maturing assets and less production from new assets across the globe, maintaining and enhancing production of existing assets becomes more important.

However, EPC brownfield projects are characterized by specific challenges that are different from the challenges typical to EPC greenfield EPC projects. This competency training on project management for EPC brownfields will grow skills in the tools and techniques used in characterizing EPC brownfield project, bidding an EPC brownfield project, organizing EPC brownfield project, managing EPC brownfield project scope, schedule, budget and risk, cost estimating, cost control, planning and scheduling, project procurement, project accounting, interface & risk management. The inter-relationships between these topics will be highlighted and explained. An extensive hands-on workshop pertaining to decision process analysis in EPC brownfield project management will be part of the course.

Full brown field assessment and project management are critical for improving oil recovery. This competency training course presents new technologies for identification of more potentials from brown fields. Executing plant life extension services in brownfield environments can improve the performance of operating assets. With this course, We will bring our established and enhanced asset life study methods to assess the current condition of the plant and ensure the successful procurement, and execution of all required modifications and optimize the schedule and cost of implementation