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Cradle Solution

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Houston, TX 77804

(713) 776-8510

Company History

Initially formed in 1998, Cradle Solution offered desktop software for the home health industry. Starting with a small team, Cradle was able to build a loyal customer base with rapid improvements to its software, MedPoint, through direct customer feedback.

Through the next decade, Cradle continued to grow, eventually incorporating in 2004 and moving to larger offices.

In 2007, Cradle moved most of the core functionality from its desktop software into a web-based solution, calling it HHWeb. This move allowed for more rapid development and deployment of improvements to the software, and allowed clients to free themselves from having to worry about software deployment.

Three years later, in 2010, HHWeb was renamed to CradleMRx. Along with the new name, the application underwent a complete rebranding and user interface overhaul. This allowed customers to work even more efficiently than before, while positioning our home health software in the top of its market. During this time, we began leveraging our expertise into other areas and taking on different software projects for other companies.

In 2010, we looked for options for diversifying our business. With our headquarters being in Houston, which is known as the “Energy Capital of the World”, it was natural to focus in that industry, and we have since expanded with a specific focus on technical training for the oil and gas industry, and have evolved to include executive business training offerings as well. Cradle’s training has been so effective that nearly all of our customers are repeat business or referrals from word-of-mouth.